Desert - Dustin Waits
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In the beginning of the 20th century, Jacumba was a popular relaxation resort town revered by travelers and celebrities for its public baths fed by mineral hot springs. Until then, this small town resting on the U.S.-Mexican border was occupied by European ranchers, and the Kumeyaay before them. With the rise in popularity of hot spring spas, a rail service connecting Jacumba to San Diego was built and completed in 1919. This greatly increased tourism to the area, and by the 1930s Jacumba was a full-fledged vacation resort with a permanent population of around 1,150. However, with the completed construction of Interstate 8, which bypassed Jacumba by 2 miles, the town abruptly fell into economic decline. Today, the population is less than 600 people. There are many ruins that can be seen around Jacumba Hot Springs, including these old wooden train cars that serve as a testimony to what was once a thriving tourist destination.

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