Iceland - Dustin Waits
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Icy Solitude

There are many environmental transitions that are seen while hiking the Laugavegur Trail. With each passing hour of every day comes changes in weather, visibility, geology, and the inherent dangers and excitement associated with them. While making our way up to Hrafntinnusker we saw one of the most dramatic transitions of our trip. It was like passing through a portal with bright skies and colorful surroundings at one end, and a dark, foggy, and frozen world at the other. It was one of the most eerie feelings I've ever experienced. It was cold. It was silent. It was incredible. We camped at Hrafntinnusker for the night, and continued our trek in the morning. This shot was taken as we were parting ways with the mountain after a good night's rest. Victoria can be seen at the top right of the frame.