Iceland - Dustin Waits
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Home is Where You Take It

One of the greatest joys of backpacking is getting the opportunity to experience the ever-changing scenery. Each day on the trail is filled with the excitement of exploring a new and interesting place. This excitement is more than enough to keep one motivated to push on no matter how tiresome the trail may become, to see what lies beyond that next bend, over that next hill. At the end of each day you drop your pack, greet your new neighbors, and build your home. It doens't matter where you're from, or where you've been, this is your home... for now.

This is an image of our portable home at the ITA hut at Botnar (Emstrur). You can see that we've made ourselves 'at home' with the wet clothing items hanging out to dry on the guylines of the tent. Here at Botnar the wind was cold but dry, and the sun was harsh, which made for the perfect chance to dry off those towels and bathing suits that had been damp since Day 1.