Iceland - Dustin Waits
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Sleeping Dragon

Hikers on the Laugavegur Trail have found a nice flat area to pitch their tents for the night near the ITA hut at Botnar (Emstrur). The large land mass towering in the background is an active volcano called Katla, which is covered by the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Katla typically erupts every 40 to 80 years but hasn't erupted since 1918. Volcanologists are continuously monitoring Katla's activity for any signs of the next eruption. When hiking this section of the trail, hikers are warned (by a posted sign) of the possible dangers in the area and given instructions on what actions to take in the event of an eruption. Dangers aside, the view of Katla from Botnar is breathtaking, and knowing what this volcano is capable of seems to add to its majesty. This photo was captured around 3:00 a.m., during the late-night twilight.