Mountains - Dustin Waits
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There were a lot of firsts for me on this road trip. First time seeing the Eastern side of Yosemite, first time in the White Mountains, first time at Mammoth, and First time visiting Mono Lake. I was impressed by the photographic opportunities at Mono Lake. It's a location from which I have seen many highly acclaimed photographers produce stunning work. The eerie landscape lends itself to the skilled photographer's eye. In every direction, there was potential for a great composition. So much so that it was almost overwhelming. The weather activity that surrounded the area also helped as there were storms all around us. I had been focusing most of my attention (and my lens, buh-dum-tssh) on the Pirate Ship formation during sunset because I really liked the colors that the sky was casting in that direction. However, once I made the photo that I wanted, I turned around to see this large tufa spire directly behind me with the clouds in the background leading straight into it. So, I recomposed and created this image, “Vertex.” What an entertaining place to visit as a photographer!

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