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EXPOSURE BRACKETING AND FOCUS STACKING WORKSHOP: In this workshop I cover the skills needed to produce images using exposure bracketing and focus stacking techniques. This is an excellent course for the outdoor photographer who wants to learn how to capture the most detail in a scene with bright highlights and deep shadows to produce brilliantly exposed photographs with a higher dynamic range than a single exposure could typically produce. The focus stacking instruction is useful for extending the depth of field for maximum sharpness throughout the composition. This workshop is recommended for those who have already taken my Intro to Photography Workshop, or are already familiar and comfortable with the basics of photography. It is also recommended to take my Post Processing / Retouching Workshop in tandem or before this workshop is completed.

 - Exposure bracketing: What it is and why it is a useful technique to capture all of the information in scenes with bright highlights and dark shadows.

 - Preparation: Preparing your equipment, tools used, and how to set up your camera to capture a series of bracketed exposures.

 - Making the photographs: Find your composition, determine your correct base exposure, and capture a set of images that will be used to make your photograph.

 - Focus Stacking: What it is and how it can be used in certain situations to increase the depth of field.

 - Preparation: Planning your shoot, and preparing your equipment to take a series of focus stacked images.

 - Making the photographs: Find your composition, determine the correct exposure, and capture a series of focus stacked images.

 - Making blended and stacked photographs: Using these techniques together to create images with a high dynamic range and a deep depth of field.

 - *Post processing: Basic techniques used to blend your photographs to create your final images.

*Basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are required for this portion of the workshop. Post-processing / Retouching Workshop recommended.

Exposure Bracketing and Focus Stacking Workshop prices start at $350. This price includes instruction on the topics listed above in 3 separate sessions, with each session lasting up to 2 hours.


Prices subject to change.

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