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NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP: Learn to create stunning landscape photographs under the night sky! In this workshop I will teach you everything you need to know to capture the beautiful details of the night sky, from proper exposure, to light painting. You will learn how to photograph the Milky Way Galaxy and the methods used to create star trail photographs. This workshop is intended for those who are familiar and comfortable with the basics of photography and post-processing/retouching. It is also recommended to attend the Exposure Blending and Focus Stacking Workshop.

 - Equipment and safety: I will discuss the tools and equipment required to photograph the night sky.

 - Location scouting and navigation.

 - Photographing the Milky Way: Camera settings and techniques to get the best exposure possible.

 - Light painting: Add interest to your foreground by using portable lighting available in the field.

 - Star trails: How to capture the motion of our planet in the night sky by using long single exposures or stacking/blending techniques.

 - *Post processing: Basic techniques used to process your photographs of the night sky.

*Basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are required for this portion of the workshop. Post-processing / Retouching Workshop highly recommended.


Photographing the night sky can be quite time consuming. Expect to spend several hours in the field late at night and into the early hours of the morning. Sessions could range anywhere from 2 hours, to 4 hours or more. Many optimal stargazing locations are at higher elevations and may get cold at night, even in the summer. Be sure to pack accordingly and prepare for changing weather conditions. It is also required that you wear sturdy hiking boots or shoes since we will likely be hiking to the shooting location over rough terrain in the dark. I have included a mandatory gear check-list below. Following these guidelines will insure a fun and successful photo shoot for everyone.

Night Sky Photography Gear List:

 - Sturdy hiking boots or shoes

 - Warm layers (jacket, pants, hat, gloves)

 - Head lamp: Must have a red light setting to preserve night vision.

 - Small hand-held flashlight: This will serve as a backup or used for light painting.

 - Sturdy tripod: Your exposures will be long, stability is key for sharp images.

 - Remote shutter release: This will minimize the vibration in your camera by allowing you to release your shutter hands-free.

 - Intervalometer: This is required for making stacked / blended star trail photographs, the preferred method for this type of photography.

 - Camera bag: Backpack style preferred.

 - Spare batteries for all of your gear.

 - Water

 - Snacks

 - First aid kit

 - Pocket knife or multi-tool

Night Sky Photography Workshop prices start at $400. This price includes instruction on the topics listed above in 3 separate sessions. Small group rates are available with a maximum of 4 people per session. Contact me for pricing.


Prices subject to change.

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