Coast - Dustin Waits
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Details of a Coastal Forest

I recently took a trip to visit family at San Juan Island, Washington. This was my first time visiting this part of the country and I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of greenery in the area. This island was full of life, plant and animal, which had me excited to photograph this area. Unfortunately, there have been wildfires in the surrounding areas that have filled the sky with smoke for the duration of my trip, which created flat and dull lighting throughout the day, leaving open landscape photographs out of the question. However, under the forest canopy the light was filtered into beautiful orange and yellow rays that illuminated small sections of the forest floor. As a San Diegan, this type of scenery is completely foreign to me. Yes, we have beautiful forests here in Southern California, but the forests in the Pacific North West have their own unique qualities that really set them apart from anything we have here at home. I spent a lot of time walking the local trails and photographing the small details that caught my eye.

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