Mountains - Dustin Waits
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Yosemite on Fire

On the final night of another incredible Sierra road trip fellow photographer, Frank Colosi, and I came across this wildfire on the side of Glacier Point Rd. The smoke from these fires in Yosemite was visible for most of our trip. Initially, we hadn't planned to photograph the flames but as these trips go plans changed and we ended up right beside it. Driving this road in the middle of the night became quite difficult as the smoke was so thick that it was a challenge to see in some areas. Photographing this fire was an interesting experience. It was a very quiet night, with a slight chill in the air and not a sound other than the crackling of the burning forest. The moon was bright, casting great light on the smoke-filled valleys and mountains in the background, and the vibrant warm glow radiated from the fire, lighting the scene in front of us.

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