Mountains - Dustin Waits
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Rise and Shine

I recently completed another Sierra Nevada road trip with good friend and fellow landscape photographer, Frank Colosi. Unfortunately, our trip was plagued with flat, blank skies. Of course, that wasn't enough to stop us from shooting. Part of the art of landscape photography is the search itself. The search for a location, and the search for a composition within your chosen location. As a landscape photographer, one has to work with what is presented by nature. For this reason, we had mostly lost motivation for capturing the grand landscapes that we hoped for. Instead, we spent more time searching subjects that would either work as more detailed photographs (i.e. a stream flowing through an aspen grove), or finding features large enough to distract from the lacking sky. Still, we chased every sunset, and rose early for every dawn with the hopes that things would somehow change and give us the light we needed for the photographs we wanted to make. This photograph was made on the last morning of our trip. After only a short nap in the night, we were up and on our way to Glacier Point by 5:00 a.m. with one last hope that our luck would change. This time our efforts paid off and we were rewarded with an incredible display of light across the smoke-filled Yosemite Valley.

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