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Dustin by Nick Karr.jpg

Portrait by Nick Karr

      My name is Dustin L. Waits. I'm a landscape photographer in Southern California. I got started in photography as a teenager, shooting black and white 35mm and medium format film. Over the years I have moved and traveled around the world, gaining new knowledge, experiences, and tuning my photographic technique. I've developed a passion for exploration, and a love for the natural world. These are the ideas that motivate most of my photographic works. While some of the photographs I've made over the years depict portraits, cityscapes, and man-made structures, I tend to favor the natural setting above all else.


      My photographs are meant to be more than just images captured at the release of a shutter. They are an experience. A specific moment, in a specific place. As a photographer, I strive to bring that experience to you.

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